Game POS, what for?

With game POS, you can make your customers win instant prizes (“instant win” game). It needs 4 main components: a cardboard FSDU (free standing display unit) to display the game, a computer and some electronic devices to drive the game and to allocate the prizes, game “starters” (playing card, loyalty card…) and, of course, prizes!

You would like to:

  • Dramatise your POS
  • Generate traffic
  • Boost sales
  • Win new customers or new loyalty card holders
  • Collect customer data
  • Promote your products or your brand name

Our game POS are the solution!

Game POS have many advantages when compared to other instore promotional or game tools. Being fully automated they do not need the presence of a hostess. The prize allocation is under the full control of the organiser of the game (in respect of game rules). They are a good means to dramatize the point of sale environment. They are a great advertising and communication medium for the retailer and the sponsors of the game. Data collected during the game also provides interesting statistics to the retailer.

Game POS are always very successful because everybody loves playing games, especially when you can win big prizes! They have a big advantage compared to other promotional games : they are installed inside the store at the point of purchase, and they are very simple to use for the player. Therefore they can be used by a wide audience. Their success is reinforced by the fact that they are playful and interactive.
That is why, in retail stores, from 70% to 95% of customers receiving a playing card at the cash desk will go and play the game. Game POS are a very powerful tool to collect customer data when the instant win game is linked to a screen asking clients to type in their email or mobile phone number.

In order to meet the objective of the game organiser, it is necessary to find the best combination between the choice of the game POS (dramatic, with a small size, interactive…), the choice of the game mechanics (distributing playing cards or tokens, types of prizes…), the choice of communication mediums (flyers, instore displays, radio advertising…), the kind of services provided by Promotion L&H (POP installation, playing cards printing, delivery location, reporting content…), in respect of the budget allocated to the project. Communication agencies can have a decisive part to help their clients to make the best choices, depending on the objectives and on the strategy of their client.

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