You can rely on Promotion L&H!

Promotion L&H has been a specialist in promotional game POS for over 20 years, it has made hundreds of campaigns for major retailers and brands, in 40 countries on 4 continents, and it owns a stock of 3000 machines.


Relying on Promotion L&H, means enjoying our game POS which have very varied technical specifications, profiting from personalized advice to find out the best mechanics for your game, and benefiting from wide services that simplify your life.

That means working with a team well-known for its fast response and experience, and which has been able to develop client loyalty.

That also means working with a company which invests a lot of money in R&D to improve its game POS and the services provided in the way expected by its clients.

In one word, you can rely on Promotion L&H!

Besides, they relied on us: