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For 10 years during its four key periods, the La Rocade de Furiani shopping mall near Bastia has held events in its shopping mall with game kiosks provided by Promotion L&H.

The mall management wanted more events with game kiosks and asked us to create a giant touchscreen table that could display an interactive map of the mall and be transformed into a game kiosk during key periods.

Objectives Footfall and events

Promotion L&H designed an original, bespoke touchscreen table that met the client's needs precisely. Outside key periods, the table displays an interactive map of the shopping mall and shop profiles with promotional offers.

For key periods, a game module is connected under the table to allow tokens to be inserted and winning tickets to be printed. The touchscreen is raised, and the kiosk is dressed up with theatrics and the campaign's branding. At the end of the campaign, the table/game kiosk is converted back into a touchscreen table with an interactive map.

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