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Promoting a brand with a selfie kiosk

L'Oréal, the world's cosmetics leader, wanted to use the visibility of its Maybelline kiosk in the largest Sea Plaza shopping mall in Dakar to promote its Maybelline brand in Africa.
L'Oréal is a client of our partner Brand It Solutions, which develops Promotion L&H's game and selfie kiosk offering in Africa.

Our client had several objectives:
- Drive engagement and proximity between Maybelline Africa and its customers
- Position Maybelline NY Africa as a major digital player in Africa
- Boost and generate content for Maybelline NY Africa's social networks
- Collect data on the kiosk's customers

Objectives Reputation and data

A selfie kiosk was set up within the Maybelline NY kiosk at the Sea Plaza in Dakar during the Mother's Day period. Customers tried to take the best mother-daughter photo. To take a photo, the customers had to scan their till receipt at the post next to the selfie kiosk. The photo taken at the kiosk could be posted to Instagram, where a big photo contest was being held on the Maybelline NY Africa account. The best mother-daughter photos were cross-posted on Maybelline NY Africa's social network accounts.

What was original about this event was the post connected to the selfie kiosk that activated it with a till receipt. The till receipts could be replaced with a game card or token. Contact our partner agency for all your projects in Sub-Saharan Africa: Brand It Solutions Central Africa - Bonanjo, 69 rue 1080 Ivy - Douala - Cameroon. Tél. : 00237 52063818 cnombote@brandit.fr

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