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Promote the new snack bar

The Super U in Passy has a magnificent view of the Alps! It also has a director who loves game kiosks, as long as they make a splash in the store and drive a boost in sales.

The Super U in Passy had just redone its new snack bar located inside the store. For the opening, the store's director wanted to attract the store's customers nearby to the new snack bar using a dynamic sales event.

Objectif Booster l'ouverture

L'opération durera 13 jours. Une borne de jeu est installée avant la sortie principale du magasin. Des jetons sont distribués en caisse à tous les clients ayant un panier minimum de 20€.

1 client sur 2 peut gagner sur la borne un lot à retirer au snack, type sandwich, café, jus d’orange, pâtisserie, viennoiserie, etc. Chaque lot gagné incite donc le client à aller consommer au snack et à en faire la découverte dans un contexte ludique et festif.


Mr Di Gennaro, Associate Director of Super U Passy: "The digital game kiosk from Promotion L&H is a tool that is reliable and easy to use for the store. For the customer, the result is smooth, and the animations work very well. The experience with Promotion L&H was very good—it really helped us launch our snack bar!"

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