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Objective Party time!

The client's objective: - Drive engagement and create closer relationships between Yves Rocher and its clients - Create content to boost Yves Rocher Senegal's social media presence - Collect customer data during the event and offer an Yves Rocher-branded souvenir photo

The proposed system: Yves Rocher's team wanted an innovative and fun approach, so they chose the selfie kiosk so visitors would have a souvenir to remember this evening. In the end, more than 90% of the clients present at this event went home with a souvenir photo from the Yves Rocher anniversary event. It was a wonderful communications operation for the brand that hit its target. Contact our partner agency for all your projects in Sub-Saharan Africa: Brand It Solutions Central Africa - Bonanjo, 69 rue 1080 Ivy - Douala - Cameroon. Tel.: 00237 52063818 cnombote@brandit.fr

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