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What is a "real" game kiosk?

A "real" game kiosk is a kiosk that causes a sensation at the point of sale. It is theatrical and interactive. It has a light system (LED) or a screen. It has sound to accompany the game and announce prizes.

It distributes instant-win prizes. The player knows if they have won a prize straight away. The game kiosk always prints a winning ticket. The player can activate it using a token, game card, loyalty card or by scanning a bar code on their till receipt. 

Kiosks for all needs and tastes!

Promotion L&H has a very wide range of game and selfie kiosks. Each store or brand can create events that are completely original, giving customers a new experience each time. Each kiosk model has a wide range of customisation options, both in terms of shape and graphic design.

The client can choose game mechanics that fit their marketing objectives perfectly: a game with a token to drive footfall, a game with a loyalty card if the brand wants to update its customer data, etc.

Game mechanics The game mechanics you choose will determine whether or not your operation is a success.


Distributing tokens at the till is no doubt the most efficient way to liven up the store and generate footfall. Tokens are fun (they remind us of casinos), and have the advantage of not getting mixed up with the receipts and cards in the customers' wallets. You can customise it with the operation's colour scheme, and you can show partner brands' logos too. You can also adjust the number of tokens handed out at the till according to the basket amount. Tokens make sure that your till-to-kiosk traffic rate is as high as possible!

Game cards

These have the same benefits as tokens, although with less of a "casino" feel (which could be an advantage). They are more economical than tokens, and are easy to insert into flyers and brochures.

Loyalty cards

Having customers use their loyalty cards to play encourages them to take them out of their wallets! It's a great way to breathe new life into your loyalty programme. It is also a way to encourage people to get a loyalty card if they don't already have one. Not to mention the great variety of game mechanics that we would be happy to discuss!

Till receipts

Organising games with till receipts is the latest trend! The advantage of receipts is that they save you from having to spend on tokens or game cards. The till printer can also print overage tickets that adjust according to the customer's basket amount. Our game kiosks can scan all kinds of bar codes!


If you want to attract customers to the game kiosks, you obviously need attractive prizes up for grabs. The prizes must be generous, both in volume and in quality. Vouchers are a good way to reward customers and have them come back to the store. But don't forget to have one or more big prizes to make your customers dream!

The winning ticket

The winner must know what their prize is immediately (instant win), but they also must be able to obtain it on-site. Hence the need to print out winning tickets.


Do you want to create a casino atmosphere? Choose a "one-arm bandit" game kiosk! Customers love it! The lever is generally combined with a jackpot animation. Don't worry, our levers are indestructible.


First chance at the kiosk, second chance at the tombola draw! Tombolas allow you to share a big prize among several stores. It is also a good technique for gathering data.


A game kiosk must be interactive and theatrical.
Prize wins are revealed either via a light system (LED) or an on-screen animation.

We offer a variety of standard animations, or we can develop completely original animations.

When the kiosk comes with a screen, the animation’s first purpose is to reveal the win, but it can also be used to collect customer data (through a form) or to get to know the customer better (through a segmentation survey).

Our animation wizard is one of a kind, allowing us to create custom animations that meet our customers’ specific needs. Contact us to find out more!

Example animations

Animation Jackpot
E.Leclerc Scapnor
Wheel-of-fortune animation.
Galeries Lafayette
Animation with form
E.Leclerc Scapest
Animation with quiz
Mosaic animation
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