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Objectives Traffic and data

Game cards were distributed in all the mall's shops and at the supermarket tills. Customers inserted their game cards in the instant-win kiosks with a chance to win a variety of prizes (a scooter, 200 bottles of champagne, three entry tickets to a theme park, five TVs, 500 bottles of wine, gift cards, vouchers, etc.). The kiosk printed second-chance tickets for all participants so they could participate in the prize draw to win a Nissan Juke.

Customers then went to one of the three kiosks located near the car to sign up for the tombola by filling in their contact details in a form. The store drew the prize winner directly on the kiosks. This system had the advantage of separating the sign-up for the tombola on a different kiosk from the instant-wins, which made for a smoother game at the instant-win kiosks.

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