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From a hyper-market to the hyper-real

The Casino brand is a pioneer in game kiosks: they have used them for many years to jazz up their anniversaries nationally as well as their store openings.
As part of a partnership between Casino and the film Jurassic World 2, Casino wanted to offer its customers a fun and original experience that stood out.

We proposed day-long events in each of its hypermarkets in France with selfie kiosks decked out in Jurassic World 2 branding. The kiosks were placed in the shopping mall, and customers could take photos of themselves with their family and friends. They could take home a photo of themselves with one of the dinosaurs from the film!

Objective Customer experience

Each event lasted one day. The 110 hypermarkets in France were covered in six weeks with 15 selfie kiosks. Promotion L&H offered a turnkey service: selfie kiosk rental, transfers between stores and kiosk demonstrations throughout the campaign. The stores didn't have to do a thing!

What was original with this event was that it was disconnected from the act of purchase: no need to go to the till to be able to play, and no vouchers to win like with a game kiosk. The objective was to allow the customer to have fun and escape from the environment they were in. But once at home, they had a souvenir of this experience with a photo from Casino on the fridge...

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