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This changing world

Banks are undergoing profound changes that have resulted in a steep reduction in the number of brick-and-mortar branches. Banking relationships are going digital, and customers loyalty is on the wane.
In this changing world, the marketing department at CIC Lyonnaise de Banque has come up with a variety of promotional campaigns to reach potential clients away from traditional bank branches.

Each year, CIC is present at EM Lyon after the start of the school year to promote its offerings to EM students. CIC wants to increase its recognition among students, attract new clients and collect qualified data. The bank has called on Promotion L&H each year to jazz up its stand.

CIC's objectives Reputation, new clients, qualified data

A digital game kiosk was set up near CIC's stand. Current and registering EM students could play at the game kiosk. When students played, they could recommend another EM student to encourage them to come to CIC's stand (by sending an email or SMS invitation directly from the kiosk).

To win a prize (electric bike, mug, connected speaker or Bluetooth headphones), the student had to leave their contact details and answer a questionnaire about their plans in terms of housing, student financing and mobile phones. 100% of players won something.

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