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Making a splash in a concept store

The E. Leclerc hypermarket in Niort Medès France has most of E.Leclerc's concept stores nearby or within its own mall: E.Leclerc Auto, the Culture Space, le Manège à bijoux, a pharmacy, E.Leclerc Travel, etc.

The store, which often uses game kiosks to boost footfall to the hypermarket, wanted to attract customers to its culture space located in the shopping mall.

Its Lyon-based communication agency SJM proposed an innovative and original campaign: install a selfie kiosk in the Culture Space and offer customers an unforgettable experience!

Objective Footfall and loyalty

The objective was to attract customers to the Culture Space, get to know them better, and build loyalty. The selfie kiosk was installed inside the Culture Space. Customers played at the selfie kiosk with their till receipt.

By scanning their till receipt, they could win instant prizes, just like at a game kiosk. Then, they had a second chance to win a big prize of one year of reading by participating in a photo competition. To enter the photo competition, the customer had to enter their contact details and then try to take the best photo. Then, they had to pin it on the panel near the selfie kiosk and wait for the jury's decision. They could also share their photo by email or SMS and on social networks.

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